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Matt Fox Bio

My name is Matt Fox. I was raised from the dead on 9-12-74. My undertakers where my mom and step-father. My major influences are The Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, Life of Agony, and any other bands who sing about life and death. My favorite color is black. MY other influences are the people who went before me. I was in many other bands who obviosly didn't make it, then I met a fiend named Wayne he introduced me to a corpse named Bob, and we formed numerous bands. Do to lack of brain activity with bass players we broke up. then we found some road kill and scraped it up. He was half alive. His name was Jay. He said he could play guitar so we sewed him up and plugged some holes and he was good as new. Then we needed a (yup you guessed it) a bass player. While looking in the obituaries we discovered a recently deceased girl whom played bass. So Wayne hooked her up to a lightning rod and she was alive. But at shows we have to bring a deflibulator with us. Well that's all for me. Remember when you die don't forget to invite me to your funeral.