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Scroll, Spinning

Once in a lifetime there comes a man who stands out above the rest. Rises out of the crowd to lead the world to better days. This is not that man.

He was invented in 1981 by a mad scientist from the Isle of Man and a witch from England. He was released to the public of New Jersey on November 19th of that year. Unfortunately the public was not impressed. They locked Jay in the basement for the next 10 years. While trapped in the basement he found an old guitar which he taught himself to play. Some local children heard of the myth of the child in the basement so they went to look. They found Jay and after hearing his guitar playing skills broke him out and asked him to join there band and play a song at the fifth grade talent show. Jay gladly accepted. The show went well and Jay was finally accepted by society. After a couple years Jay joined a new band called Bad Animals. Unfortunately they broke up due to a freak refrigerator accident. Jay then formed Three Deep which was succesfull by actually staying together for about 4 years. But then three deep started to die down so Jay was sad. Searching for comfort he picked up his guitar and called the phone sex hotline. The person on the other line stopped talking dirty as they heard Jay play his guitar. "Is that you playing?", said the the phone lady. Jay told her that it indeed was. The lady, very impressed said "hi I'm Bob would you like to join my band?" Jay quickly accepted. When asked about joining the band Jay said, "I was glad to have found a new band but I was left with blue balls."

Green Glass Growing Up Arrow 3



oh yeah during the time he was locked in the basement he was influenced by: Green Jelly, NIN, tool, nirvana & Pearl Jam