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are for the band to know and you to interperate. Think of them how you wish whether you like them or not they make you think.

Last Goodbye

I still have the things you said,they were buried deep in
my head.
All the lies you told me,i can't think to erase them.
You told me things for me to believe,now why did you have to lie?
Is when you said you love me and i felt that i'll be alright!

Just stay away..
Why did you lie?
Just go away...

Memories are like the ghost that will haunt me forever..
I just thought the things you could not have finished..
Take this bullshit and shove it up your ass,because i don't
care what you have to say..
You tore me life way too far and i don't think it could be
In my life..
I couldn't pretend..
That made me believe,my world would never crumble.
Never could hide,my thoughts i had live them.
Why did you lie?Of what you said to me..
I wish..
I realy wish...
That I...
That i would of died!!!



I wait for no other day,does not matter what they say.
Question there is no answers for i know nothing is out
Chained down to depression i don't know my own opression.
Even though, through it all i find out..
There's no hope at all..

Dust to dust we turn to ashes,wide awake while the world
I remind of who we are,while in our life we never go far.
To the gods we all pray,doesn't matter of who is it anyway.
I don't know who to call to find out..
There's no hope at all..


Weak mind there before you,i know the things that you use
to do.
Even though if i was insane,i don't know who to blame.
I'm content in this life to we choose to live or fight,
question now to take the fall finding out....
There's no hope at all..

No hope.