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Wayne Earls Bio



My life and thoughts..

Born and raised in New Jersey
Birth date 01/23/78
Special trades Electrical,electronics,writing and music.

Musical influences are AC/DC,Hendrix,P.I.L,Life Of Agony,
Metallica,Eric Clapton,R.A.T.M,Body Count,Tool,Minor Threat,
Public Enemy,Modest Mouse and Fishbone

Insperations Angus Young,Tom Morello,Joey Z

I was born and raised in Jersey,then later on when i was 15
i moved to Hawaii.Stayed there 'till i was 17 then moved
back to jersey.Went to 6 different schools graduated 12th
grade at age of 19 Overbrook Sr. High.Worked at many places.
Chem Dry{carpet cleaning},Clementon lake park{rides},texaco,
Glass factory,Light tech for Love Seed Mama Jump at Downtown
Audio,Communication Constuction Company{cable installer}
now trying to see what is out there to do.I started playing guitar at age 10 teaching myself at first.Then at age of 14
took lessons for about 3months then quit then taught myself
ever since.I grew up around rock,rap,metal,blues,and country
I try to be very verstile in the guitar sounds that i make.
My life i been studying many things when growing up.I try
to put things into perspectiive on guitar and through some
of the lyrics.Through the years jamming with these guys
i see the progress that we are completing.To me our
chemistry to is very good and strong.Many bands in the local
scene have chemistry but some of them don't know what
they had 'till they break up.Through the years we broke
up several times because of personal reasons with oneanother
then realizing that any one of can't be replaced.To me
that is fate taking it's course.I believe by being yourself
is the best way of making music.