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Here is some pointless shit about me!

I was born in jersey on August 9,1980. um yeah......

~Shit that has influenced me~
Misfits...Tool...Slayer...Metallica...Life of Agony... Danzig...
Well like i said was born in Jersey and raised in a small house in Lindenwold. I was raised by my parents, Lois and Bob. Lets see, um...let me think, damnit... Just a typical dork not many friends. Um, then i went to high school at Overbrook Sr. Where was I...oh yeah, i met wayne on the school bus, and a few days later we got together and jammed for the first time. Alright, that was very short lived because i ws asked to join another band called Hummer. Well that went on for about two years. At this point i had been playiing for about two and a half years and i had decided that i want to see what the hell else i could do, in other words i didn't want to be a cover band anymore. Well band after band after band after shit band I met up with Wayne again. Well anyway we met the rest of the guys and went through bass players like women and came out with this. So blah blah blah, And uh, yeah. And that is all I am going to write here. Because like i said this is pointless shit.


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