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12-22-00: Matt's show with the Misfits has been cancelled due to legal trouble with the venue. More info go to the misfits link under other bands.

12-19-00:thank you for making us number 2 in philly with over 700 votes keep up the support and spread the word.

12-16-00:Setting up shows in mid January and early February with entrace

12-3-00: Matt will be trying out for the lead singer of the misfits by playing a show with them in NYC on Jan. 12 2001

11-30-00:A bonus cd might be released with the album containing acoustic tracks. They also might be doing an acoustic show at Full Circle and on the Camden County college radio station in the near future.

11-2-00:Michelle joins band as bass player.

10-27-00:Two new songs almost completed

10-20-00:Jay Wasley from Three Deep joins band. Going into studio in March to record new album.


1/12/01:Matt and the Misfits @ WWF cafe in NYC CANCELLED
1/21/01:Sheenan's Pub
3/31/01:Full Circle Records
4/26/01:Camden County College