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Band piont of views.
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Band piont of views.


Views about them..

Total Breakdown formed in 1999 releasing a 9 track demo.
They where originaly a four piece band matt,bob,wayne and
brian.Then later they splitted up after some disagreements.
After 10 months later they put the past behind them.Then later on after wayne came back from Ohio from his cable job
they found guitarist Jay and a week later bass player Michelle.Which made the band alot more stronger then it was back then. Now their making music which hits on many points
of views of life in general and how people feel in all types
of perspectives.They respond to feelings of love,hate,to
perspectives of a male and female.They also respond to feelings of dispare in thier song Hope.They believe that many bands today don't realy do that as in one whole unit.
They believe that one day they'll hit a new ground.